As the Commission Chair for the Department of Church Growth and Development, AMEC, it is my distinct pleasure to invite you, members of your congregation, family and friends, to meet us in Memphis TN., January 6-8, 2016, for the 2016 Annual Seminar on Church Growth and Evangelism and Evangelism and Certification Programs. Together, we will hear from and learn how to make and be radical disciples for Christ, in the midst of the struggle for Being Human: Overcoming Racism in America: Black Lives Matter. I welcome you now and look forward to sharing this Seminar experience with you!


The Rt. Rev. McKinley Young,

Presiding Prelate 3rd Episcopal District




Beloved, in the face of the ongoing crisis of racism and bigotry that permeates every aspect of society, it is imperative, that the people of the Lord Jesus Christ are unusually empowered and equipped to persons to be radical, transformational disciples for the Kingdom of God. People growth in Christ is key to numerical growth in the church as it leads to spiritual growth in our communities. If you and/or your congregation find yourselves immobile, unable to go beyond, in spiritual growth and/or church expansion, this 2016 Annual Seminar on Church Growth and Evangelism and Certification Programs is for you! I, along with the scheduled presenters and facilitators are preparing now, to move persons of faith from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY WITNESSES for Jesus. I encourage you to make your plans now to join us in Memphis TN., January 6-8, 2016, as we work together to Overcome Racism in America as Black Lives Matter.


Dr. James C. Wade, Executive Director,

Dept. of Church Growth and Development AMEC Seminar Host